Why myPennMedicine?

myPennMedicine provides patients with secure and personalized online access to a portion of their medical history. It allows you to safely use the Internet to manage and maintain your health information.


The information on myPennMedicine originates directly from your doctor’s electronic medical records. Any inaccurate information about your medical record should be corrected by your doctor at your next visit. With every visit, the medical information in your electronic medical record is verified and updated.

This portal is one of the best to make life easier for patients. This portal offers each registered patient the best results in terms of access to their medical information. The myPennMedicine login page is an efficient and secure way to share your Penn Medicine wellness information with other healthcare professionals.

MyPennMedicine also provides easy access to the notes your stakeholders created and shared during their outpatient visits. These notes often remind you of important facts about taking prescriptions or treating illnesses.

The portal allows users to keep track of important details, such as medical history, whenever and wherever they need them. You can easily access the data you need directly from the portal, which is wonderful for your eyes.

  • Personal medical data will be available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • A list of your medications and health reports.
  • A tool to learn more details about prescription renewals, medical referrals, and pre-certification.
  • Lab results or other test results easily.


Links between your medical records and those of other healthcare organizations provide you with more wellness information in one place that you can share with your healthcare provider. Results of tests may be viewed online if available. Results from previous tests can be viewed separately and health progress can be tracked.

MyPennMedicine can also be used to read your PCP notes after the visit, ask for references, and reorder medications. They make it easy to find and plan the right choice. You can even complete certain registration steps online prior to your visit or subscribe to a mailing list to be notified when an advance sale opens.