About PennMedicine

The University of Pennsylvania Health System is a well-known health system with several hospitals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The University of Pennsylvania UPHS and the Perelman School of Medicine are teaming to form Penn Medicine, a clinical and research center at the University of Pennsylvania. UPHS hospitals include the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, The Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, The Pennsylvania Hospital, Chester County Hospital, The Lancaster General Hospital, and Princeton Medical Center.

myPennMedicine is a convenient and secure way to manage your Penn Medicine healthcare and access your healthcare data from your PC or mobile device. Penn Medicine hospitals have consistently ranked among the top hospitals for long-term care across the United States. In a recent survey by United States News & World Report, the medical facility was recognized as one of the best in Philadelphia.

The myPennMedicine app provides Penn Medicine patients with easy and secure access to their own health records. A mobile connection to the information you need most: test results, referrals, prescription, and refill requests, scheduling, and more, including syncing your Apple Health-enabled tracking device with myPennMedicine.
Among the University of Pennsylvania’s health systems, the Pennsylvania Hospital is the first hospital in the United States. A major component of the UPHS is the Pennsylvania Hospital, the nation’s first hospital.


In addition to hospitals, PennMedicine also has clinics, doctors’ offices, and multi-specialty centers. This huge Pennmedicine is owned by the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania. Kevin B. Mahoney (CEO) and J. Larry Jameson (EVP) are key people at PennMedicine.

myPennMedicine provides patients with secure and personalized online access to a portion of their medical history. It allows you to safely use the Internet to manage and maintain your health information. MyPennMedicine is a secure website that provides encrypted communications in full compliance with state and federal requirements. Access is available only to users who have registered at your health post. Access to your medical information on myPennMedicine can only be accessed by your unique username and password, which only you know.