myPennMedicine login provides patients with secure and personalized online access t account a portion of their medical history. It allows you to safely use the Internet to manage and maintain your health information. is a secure, web-based project generally suitable for all ages. We’ve found English to be the preferred language on My Penn Medicine pages.


myPennMedicine portal is a secure website that provides encrypted communications in full compliance with state and federal requirements. Users must be registered at your health center to access the site. Access to your medical information on my Penn Medicine is protected by your personal username and password, which only you know. Unlike traditional email, all myPennMedicine portal messages are sent while you are securely logged into our website.

To prevent unauthorized access, all medical information is securely stored behind our firewall in our electronic patient record system.

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The most used social network is Facebook, with around 86% of all user votes and redirects. uses Internet Information Services for Servers.

To access all services, you need to register on the official website in order to login with the credentials provided or specified. Logging in and registering with the myPennMedicine App is very easy. If you have trouble logging into the myPennMedicine App, you will receive complete information with step-by-step help.

MyPennMedicine Registration Process

For the management and staff of the Penn Transplant Institute, the official connection to myPennMedicine login is an important and effective tool to reach transplant patients at this critical stage of their treatment.

Patients can communicate securely with their physicians using the official PennMedicine portal as well as view test results, schedule appointments, and request medication refills.

You must perform the following steps to activate and register your myPennMedicine account:

  • If you wish to register for Penn Medicine, please visit the official website at
  • To activate your account, click the green “Activate account” button.
  • A new activation code can easily be requested if you don’t have one.
  • Once you receive your activation code, a registration form will appear in which your information such as name, contact details, valid email address, etc. will appear.
  • After entering the information, tap Save. A success message confirming your registration will appear on your screen. Your registration process on this portal is complete.

Login Process for My Penn Medicine

Completing the connection process requires the following steps:

  • First, visit the official website at
  • Upon clicking the “Login” button, you’ll be prompted to enter your username and password.
  • Clicking it will enable you to see it.
  • The login area will be displayed to you once you’ve logged into this portal. To sign in to your myPennMedicine account, enter your username and password.
  • Submit the details and check once.
  • Your account home page will be displayed if the information entered is correct. From there you can use all the services on this portal.


  • If you have forgotten your myPennMedicine Login page details, you can get them back easily by following very simple steps. Therefore, it can be assumed that the portal is extremely simple and secure to use for each patient. The myPennMedicine portal activation code is required to register with the portal.

You can use all myPennMedicine services after logging into the official website. There are many alternative options for the myPennMedicine App which will provide full information.

Know The Properties

Previous Diary – Now you can save time on your next visit to before registering. This is a new function, with which you can confirm or change your current contact details, medications, allergies, and health problems and, if necessary, sign documents up to four days before your visit.

Regular Notifications – Are you interested in managing how the portal communicates with you? You can now choose how you would like to be contacted for the different types of notifications from the platform. The myPennMedicine Login Page will inform you at regular intervals of medical news and your medical reports.

Personal Information Update – We’ve replaced the contact information page with a page where you can update important details such as emergency contacts, sexual orientation, and gender identities. MyPenn Medicine is dedicated to delivering the best possible care to all of our patients. Because the more we get to know you, the better we can take care of you.

Make appointments easier – Finding free space and scheduling appointments has never been easier. Get the meeting options that are most suitable for you by filtering by location and provider. Your favorite appointments can also be saved for faster rescheduling. These improvements are available on the web portal and the myPennMedicine mobile app.

More medical records in one place – now you can link your myPennMedicine account to your myChart account with other healthcare organizations like Jefferson Health. This allows you to view and analyze multiple medical records in one place. Depending on your organization, you can reliably view upcoming news, test results, and appointments.

To activate this feature, simply log into your account and tap the Link My Accounts button at the top of your home page. For more information on how to combine your medical records, access your myPennMedicine Login account and make sure you can access all services on this portal.

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Portal TypeLogin
Managed ByPenn Medicine

Check Out The Various Services

Test Results

Test results may be available before your doctor has a chance to review and discuss the result with you. Each time a new test result is available, you will receive an email notification.

There may be confusion or questions raised by some results since you may see them before you can discuss them with your doctor. Some results are classified as confidential and can only be reported to myPennMedicine by your provider.


Mail Service

myPennMedicine offers messaging services that allow you to securely send non-urgent medical questions, prescriptions, and inquiries to your provider. You can also send forms, records, or photo attachments.

If you have a non-urgent question, for example. You can inform your doctor or healthcare team through the portal’s messaging service, for example, about an appointment or a prescribing question.

Medicines And Prescriptions

Within three business days of receiving a prescription refill request, we will process it during normal business hours. The next business day will be the date we receive and process your request if you submit it during the weekend or a public holiday. Your doctor will keep all medications in your electronic medical record.


Planning tickets can be used to schedule a procedure or test at the request of your provider. Once your supplier has placed the order, you will receive notification that you have a new termination ticket. You can schedule your appointment on the ticket for the procedure or test requested by your provider.

Medical Records

You can use the Discover tab to link your myPennMedicine medical record to your medical record at participating organizations. You can also give anyone you choose (for example, a provider other than Penn Medicine, a social worker, or a school nurse) exclusive access to portions of your myPennMedicine medical record.


This allows for quick check-in when you show up for an appointment. Review and update your information.

Proxy Access

Proxy access means that a person with a myPennMedicine Login account has full or partial access to someone else’s myPennMedicine account. With full access, proxies can view test results and other clinical information, schedule appointments, engage in message-sending, and carry out other tasks on behalf of the patient.

About PennMedicine

The University of Pennsylvania Health System is a major health system with several hospitals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The University of Pennsylvania UPHS and the Perelman School of Medicine are teaming to form Penn Medicine, a clinical and research center at the University of Pennsylvania. UPHS hospitals include the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, Pennsylvania Hospital, etc.

The UPHS is home to the first hospital in the United States, the Pennsylvania Hospital. PennMedicine has 6 hospitals, 10 multi-specialty centers, doctors’ offices, clinics, and locations.


This huge Pennmedicine is owned by the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania. Kevin B. Mahoney (CEO) and J. Larry Jameson (EVP) are key people at PennMedicine.

Why MyPennMedicine?

This portal is one of the best to make life easier for patients. This portal offers each registered patient the best results in terms of access to their medical information. The myPennMedicine login page allows you to efficiently and securely share your Penn Medicine wellness information with other healthcare professionals.

Furthermore, you can connect your records with other healthcare organizations so you can look up more wellness information in one place so you can share it with your treatment providers. If available, you can view your test results online. You can access past results separately and monitor your health progress.

The myPennMedicine login page also provides easy access to the notes your peer group created and shared during their outpatient visits. These notes often sound like important information for prescribing or treating an illness.

MyPennMedicine can also be used to read your PCP notes after the visit, ask for references, and reorder medications. They make it easy to find and plan the selection that’s right for you. You can even complete some online registration steps prior to your visit or subscribe to an email list to be notified when a pre-offer opens.

MyPennMedicine also provides easy access to notes taken and shared by your stakeholder group during your outpatient visits. These notes often remind you of important facts about taking prescriptions or treating an illness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an activation code?

When registering with myPennMedicine for the first time, you use your activation code as well as your zip code, date of birth, and sometimes your social security number. If this is your first login, select the New User link and follow the instructions to enter your activation code. These codes require the correct use of capital letters and clothing, please register exactly.


Could I create a password for myself and change it whenever I want?

Select the Account Settings section from the Profile menu. Your password can be changed from here at any time. You should not disclose your password to anyone else. Replace your password immediately if you think it has been guessed.

What is my username if I have an activation code?

MyPennMedicine does not require a username or password to use your activation code. You only use the activation code once to login to myPennMedicine for the first time. When logging into myPennMedicine for the first time, you will be asked to create your own myPennMedicine username and password.


You can use all myPennMedicine services after logging into the official website. There are many alternative options for my Penn Medicine which it will provide full information about.

If you’re having trouble signing in, you can also contact customer service, or if you have major problems signing in, go to your nearest office. We hope the information you provide will be useful when you need it.

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